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Month: July 2018

Great Times to Give Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are such a special touch that can have a variety of meanings. When the time comes, surprise your special person or group with a nice gift basket to show that you are thinking of them. Baskets have to be purchased, whether it’s just buying the contents and creating the baskets or if it’s buying the baskets with the contents inside, you know who you are giving a basket to. It’s all about the thought that you cared enough to show. Baskets can contain wine, chocolates, cheeses, fruit and other tasty items. The key is knowing your recipient and then picking out a decent basket that you know will make their day. Gift baskets can be used for sponsored events, Holiday presents, and as congratulatory presents.

Sponsored Events

If you are hosting an event and you have a set number of special guests attending, it would be awesome to have a preplanned gift to send off with your guests. Allocate some of the funds for your event to the presents as a marketing tool. Guests will remember your event and appreciate the gift for days after the event is over. This is a great way to boost your reputation, because word of mouth will spread about the fabulous gift basket they received at your event.

Holiday Presents

Gift baskets work as great holiday gifts. Send around gift baskets for special occasions, especially those towards the end of the year. It’s a nice touch to say season’s greetings and sends a sense of warmth to your recipient. Your gift basket can be sent with a special card for personalization and a message if you wish. I received bottles of wine and champagne before for the holidays and I remember how special I felt. If you’re interested in sending a gift basket to a special recipient find out here now how to do it.

Congratulatory Presents

A congratulatory present is right on time for anniversaries, graduations, new home purchases, new babies, and new careers. Show your recipient you are proud and have acknowledged their achievement by sending over a nice basket. It can be full of anything you think they’d like. Some baskets even feature spa collection items. A nice card and a gift basket will do wonders for the already happy achiever. Baskets last over time, so you are sending a gift that they will benefit from and remember your thoughtfulness for quite a while.


Gift baskets are a nice gift for several occasions, especially those occasions that bring us joy. Gift baskets last for a while and they are presents that will be remembered. Take the time to plan and give gift baskets at your sponsored events, as your holiday gifts and as your congratulatory presents. Whether the gift was expected or not, the timing will be perfect for the occasion. They’re a perfect way to market your business, and also a great way to market you love and giving and kind person.


Benefits to Shopping in Bookstores and Buying Print Books

There is something about going in to a book store and feeling your eyes light with childlike joy at the many rows of books on display. There is something about a book, an actual physical book in your hands while you read. There are so many apps and readers that exist these days, but nothing beats the feel and smell of a book. Maybe everyone doesn’t feel like this, but any true book lover knows they’ve spent hours hanging out in a Barnes & Nobles store like it was a library.

Book stores are research centers, gathering places, reading place, internet café and a place to meet your favorite author. Book retailers have become so many things over the decades since they rose to popularity. Of course, there is the convenience of going online and purchasing a book but there is always the fun of getting a book in the mail and finding out it wasn’t exactly what you were hoping for.

The Nook, Kindle and Kobo have been popular e-readers within the U.S. allowing people to purchase electronic books onto the device. These devices are fantastic and allow people to read wherever they are. They allow people to download thousands of books onto the device to read at their leisure. You don’t have to worry about physically having space for a book library with one of these e-readers. There are even many e-reader apps that exist but any true book lover will lose interest in their e-reader at some point.

According to a report on Authorearnings.com print books are making a huge come back. Print books allow for fewer distractions to children whereas the e-books for kids are usually interactive. There are candles, air-fresheners and perfumes dedicated to the scent of a book because people love that smell so much. People are more likely to pass on a physical book to a friend or a loved one over a digital copy, just like people are more likely to gift a printed book too. Plus, when it comes to comic books or any sort of art story books nothing is going to beat having the paper in your hands.

One of the great things about book retailers over grocery or convenience stores that sell books is that book stores offer coupons. Many places have books for sale but not all of them offer coupons specifically for books. Depending on the time of the month the new release books will have a discounted price, plus depending on the coupon that you have you will get an additional percentage off on your price.

Another bonus to buying books at a book retailer is most have membership rewards. With membership rewards you pay a small fee from time to time to allow you to get discounts on book, snacks or whatever else you may want to buy from a book store. The membership can give an extra discount on discounted prices and existing coupons. Membership also usually allows the customer to get free shipping on products they couldn’t find instore.